Naivasha, located in Kenya’s Great Rift Valley, is a town rich in culture and history, with plenty of sites to visit near the Gem Hotel. Whether you’re staying at one of the affordable Naivasha hotels and lodges or a guest house in Naivasha town, you’re in for a treat.


To start, visit the Elsamere Conservation Center, which was once the home of Joy Adamson, the famous author of “Born Free” and known for her work with Elsa the lioness. The center offers guided tours of the house and grounds, documentaries about Joy’s life, and a tea service overlooking Lake Naivasha.


For a glimpse into Naivasha’s flower industry, head to the Oserian Flower Farm, one of the largest in the country. The farm has been in operation for over 50 years and produces millions of flowers annually for export. Take a tour, learn about the flower-growing process, and even pick your own bouquet.


The Gem Hotel, located in the heart of Naivasha town, is an ideal option for business travelers attending a conference. The hotel has state-of-the-art conference facilities and a range of accommodations that provide a balance between work and leisure.


For a more authentic experience, consider staying at one of the guest houses in Naivasha town. The Gem Hotel, for example, offers comfortable rooms, delicious food, and friendly staff that provide an immersive Kenyan experience.


In conclusion, Naivasha has a lot to offer for those interested in culture and history. From the Elsamere Conservation Center to the Oserian Flower Farm, visitors can enjoy a range of experiences. With a variety of affordable options and access to top sites, there’s no reason not to visit Naivasha. So plan your trip today and immerse yourself in the beauty and history of this unique town.



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